“There’s a time of the day when the sun is going down, that’s the golden time of day. It’s a time that the sun turns a gold all around, that’s the golden time of day. At the end of the day when the wind is soft and warm, don’t it make the flowers sway when the sun settles down and it takes a lovely form, that’s the golden time of day. People let me tell you there’s a time in your life when you find who you are, that’s the golden time of day. In your mind, you will find you’re a bright shining star, ooh that’s the golden time of day. When you feel deep inside all the love you’re lookin’ for, don’t it make you feel ok? Like the time of the day when the sun is going down, that’s the golden time of day.” – Frankie Beverly

The Wednesday golfers, boaters and philosophers’ annual day trip in Cambridge, MD., at Great Marsh Park overlooking the Choptank River was an idyllic way to spend a lazy afternoon and the perfect way to kick off our summer Wednesdays. Our hosts, Cambridge residents Anthony Ennels, Alvin Jones, Gary Burkett, Nicky Henry and Tyrone Seymour greeted us with a bushel of Maryland steamed crabs, and corn on the cob from the Eastern Shore. After a day of barbequing, play cards, and enjoying the company of good friends it was time to leave, but not before stopping at the Cambridge Elks Home, where the local residents were waiting to welcome us back to Cambridge and wish us a safe journey home. “Until we meet again.”

Congratulations to Delegate Antonio Hayes on a successful night out at Mt Vernon Marketplace. “It’s electric!” The food, music, and camaraderie among family, friends and political allies was the perfect combination. It was a political, who’s who in Maryland politics showing their support for this highly respected delegate from the 40th legislative district. Mt Vernon Marketplace located at Park Ave. and Center Street is an ideal spot for lunch and dinner with diverse dining options and plenty of fun.

“The boys are back in town!” Join The Friday Night Bunch and Miss Annie Hall’s Girls, on Friday July 14, 2017 at the Arch Social Club located at Pennsylvania and North. It is a celebration honoring Delegate Antonio Hayes in his Penn- North neighborhood, after a successful session in Annapolis. Valet parking will be available.

“All of the people around us they say can they be that close. Just let me state for the record we’re giving love in a family dose! We are family!” –Sister Sledge

The official celebration announcing the engagement of Jasmine Hampton and Adrian Brooks at Harborview was simply beautiful. Jasmine’s parents, Thomas Hampton and Sheila Dixon stood before more than 150 guests at the noon brunch catered by Martin’s West to announce the engagement of their daughter to Adrian Brooks of New York City. The beautiful future bride was elegant as she and her future husband strolled throughout the room greeting the guests. The joyful event was the perfect opportunity for both families to meet and greet new and old friends as they sipped specialty champagne cocktails selected personally by Martin’s sommelier. Guests enjoyed custom-made omelets, waffles with all the trimmings, fresh fruits, assorted meats and more for an ideal brunch. Among the guests wishing the engaged couple best wishes were: the future groom’s parents Dana Blocker and Adrienne Brooks, Anthony Jones, Martha McKenzie, Janice Dixon, Joshua Hampton, Councilwoman Rikki Spector, Dr. Oscar Brilliant, Brittani Wynn, Juan and Robyn Dixon, Delegate Antonio Hayes, Pierre and Valerie Stewart, Edward Anthony, Lisa Shannon, Richard McClearn, Andy and SukHee Freeman and Jerome Fisher.

“Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? The sweet love story that is older than the sea. The truth about the love she brings to me where do I start… How long does it last? Can love be measured by the hours in a day? I have no answers now but this much I can say, I know I’ll need her ‘till the stars all burn away and she’ll be there.” -Andy Williams

Guests travelled from Denmark, England, Toronto and the United States to witness Joyce and Paddy Benjamin renew their vows in celebration of their golden wedding anniversary at the Catholic Cathedral in St. Johns in Antigua, with the Archbishop officiating. After the ceremony, guests dined on a great assortment of local cuisine, at a reception at Sandals in Dickenson Bay. The three days of celebration included brunch and dinner at the Benjamin’s estate in Antigua. Father Peter Bramble of St. Peter’s and St. Barnabas Anglican Churches of Antigua, his wife Joy, and Danny and Del Henson were among the invited guests celebrating the magnificent couple. The Benjamins’ owner of several printing companies in Antigua have established lifelong friendships with the Brambles and the Hensons and frequently travel to Maryland.

Speaking of anniversaries, Del and Dan Henson celebrated their fifty plus wedding anniversary while in Antigua and happy anniversary Randy and Emily Tilghman.

“If a picture paints a thousand words…” –Bread

Artist Sharon Attaway will host her first solo art exhibit titled ResinArt Abstract Collection at the Aloft Hotel in Hanover, MD. The opening reception featuring complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres is July 12, at 6:00 pm in the hotel lobby.

Sending words of comfort to Janette Little and Queen Carr and family on the death of your mother Ella M. Hamilton and to Shirley Montgomery on the death of her husband Thomas Montgomery.

Wishing Dr. Marian Davis-Foster a marvelous 80th birthday and happy birthday to my main man Bill Massey, Nathaniel “Buzzy” Thomas, Del Henson, Luther Johnson, Ernestine Shepherd, Jackie Brown, Carey Edwards and Beverly Davis.