“Who made the mountains, who made the trees who made the rivers flow to the sea and who sends the rain when the earth is dry somebody bigger than you and I. Who made the flowers to bloom in the spring who made the song for the robins to sing and who hung the moon and the stars in the sky somebody bigger than you and I.”


“Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, those days of soda, pretzels, and beer. Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer you’ll wish that summer could always be here” Nat King Cole

One of my favorite spots to people watch in Martha’s Vineyard is sitting on the porch of the Island Grill on Circuit Avenue, because eventually everyone on the island is on Circuit Avenue. Special thanks to the owner, Sonny who reserved a table for me on the porch daily. If you missed your friends during the third week in August, they were probably vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard with President Obama and family. I saw so many people from Maryland, it was like homecoming our golfing friends were at Farm Neck Golf Course when the President arrived. Special kudos to the Secret Service men who protect our president they are a friendly and courteous group. I was walking down the street after leaving Look-Out Tavern; the President had just arrived next door at Valerie Jarrett’s house to watch the fireworks.  As I walked down the street, two of the secret service turned on their flashlights so I could see the curb.

“Up in the mornin’, out on the job work like the devil for my pay, but that lucky old sun has nothin’ to do but roll around heaven all day.” Ray Charles 

The trip to Menemsha, a small fishing village on Thursday is one of the highpoints of my visit to Martha’s Vineyard to watch the most spectacular sunset, true evidence that God is the master artist. I know the sun sets everyday but Thursday has a cult like following when the crowds gather.

“Oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain”

This year the most ominous looking clouds vied for attention and competed with the sun to see who would dominate the evening sky. As the sun burst into brilliant colors glowing in reds, orange and yellow. Before the sun set it danced and bowed to the amazement of the sun watchers and gently perched on top of the water.

“Merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of their repeat business and referral. Understand the factors that drive this customer revolution.” Rick Tate

I must commend US Airways for providing exceptional customer service at Reagan National Airport on my flight to Martha’s Vineyard. The host greeted me at curbside with a wheelchair when he saw me get out of the car with my cane. He checked me in, took me through security, waited for me to purchase a cup of coffee then took me to my departure gate where another host was assigned to me to assist in boarding. Now it’s time to board for the one-hour direct flight, the host helped me board the bus for the short drive to the plane where you board outside like the olden days. The flight attendant was waiting to help me get on the plane before the other passengers arrived.  Once in Martha’s Vineyard the pilot helped me down the steps on to the tarmac to the waiting wheelchair. On my return flight they added a ramp for me to walk up and once I arrived at Reagan, the host boarded the plane and asked if I needed a ramp to get off. I graciously said no thanks because by now I’m overwhelmed with the level of service I had received and the courteous manners of the staff. Once I got in the terminal, another host was standing there with a sign that read “reserved for Fraling” and proceeded to take me to baggage claim and stopping along the way so I could get a half smoke with chili from Ben’s Chili Bowl’s new location in Reagan National Airport.

This is the first time I needed assistance while travelling but you can bet I’ll fly US Airway again because it’s clear they emphasize customer service.

Calling all Virgos to the floor, we got some here and we need some more it’s party time.

Happy birthday  to Colin’s owner Dante Daniels,  Carlton Douglass, Dr. James Wood, Phyllis Baptist, Yvonne Frye, Freddi Vaughn, Jackie Richardson, Mildred Battle, Dr. Raymond Bowen, Mildred Taylor, Brenda Wright, Auvea Fortune, Rotunda “Bunky” Jenkins and a happy 95th birthday to Delores Hall.

Happy anniversary to Councilwoman Sharon and Glennard Middleton  and Sara and Eugene Smalley may you continue  to live a life filled with “Love and Happiness.

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” Flavia Weedn

Remembering my longtime friend and neighbor Maxine Mitchner who is now reunited with the love of her life her husband Lloyd Mitchner. Rest in Peace Max “until we meet again.”

The final days of summer bring a whirlwind of activities as people enjoy the “last of the summer wine” as they prepare for the fall season. The Mt. Washington Village Merchants Association Fall Block Party is Oct. 12 and Betsy Gardner is looking for vendors contact betsygardner2@gmail.com or call 443-600-6803.

Happy Labor Day!  Valerie and the Friday Night Bunch