A young local artist is using his own money to finance his first solo tour at the age of 21.


Koleco “KnoImnot” Elizaire is paying for his own musical tour. (Courtesy photo)

Evolving from poetry into rapping and producing, Koleco Elizaire, better known on stage and on social media as Knoimnot (pronounced No I’m Not), is not only paying for his own tour but he isn’t getting paid for a single performance on it. Elizaire is from Fort Washington, Md. and currently works and performs in Washington, D.C.

The only thing he cares about gaining from this tour is connecting with people.

“The more connections I get, the better my chances of succeeding in life. That’s why I’m not getting paid for any of these shows,” Elizaire told the AFRO.

Elizaire has titled his tour “Knoimnot: Creative Collaboration Tour.”

On his tour, Elizaire will be joined on one of his shows by Last Niight, a music group that he co-founded, and opening for 21 Savage at the Howard Theatre in D.C. in August.

His tour will be visiting Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, D.C. and Los Angeles.

Elizaire is currently working on preparing himself for his upcoming travels on his tour.

“I have to adapt. Like going to New York, it’s a city that don’t sleep so I’m not sleeping ‘til 3 o’clock,” said Elizaire. “When I go to LA it’s pushed back four hours so I have to work on myself now. Like I’m in training mode right now.”

With all the shows and excitement of his upcoming tour, the main thing Elizaire is looking forward to is his next project.

“I’m just looking for inspiration,” said Elizaire. “I’m looking forward to seeing things in different perspectives, so after touring I can come back and grow. I look forward to talking to people and letting people know my vibe.”

His motivation to do this tour on his own began with him being tired of waiting.

“I just got tired of waiting for a music festival or a manager or just anybody,” said Elizaire. “I noticed that if you really want something, you know how to get it, it’s just ‘where are you going to go get it? Black people are dying, like real fast and I’m in one of the stats because I’m tall and black. I just said ‘forget this, I’m just going to go ahead and do my thing.’ I know I can spread the love of music and connecting with other people.”

After putting all his money into his tour, Elizaire has started a GoFundMe page to try to get a new laptop for his music.

“I set up a GoFundMe link in my Instagram so I can get a new laptop,” said Elizaire. “My mixes are recorded off my laptop. It’s a plain 2010 Mac Book, it’s crashing on me, it’s like busted up. Usually I’d buy this stuff myself but I’ve already paid for this tour, I have to pay rent, I have to pay bills, like I have to do a lot of stuff. It’s kind of wild for me but I just need some help.”

His goal is $1,000 and on his first day his page raised $80.

In the next three to five years, Elizaire sees himself living in either D.C. or New York comfortably. He also plans on travelling a lot, creating vibes to share with people. His ultimate goal is to be self employed by “mid 22” (he turns 22 next month).

Elizaire’s first show was on July 16, in Baltimore at Art Scape and he will be performing at the Urban Outfitters Gallery Space on Aug. 14 and Howard Theater, both in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 18.

For tour dates and more information follow him on Twitter and InstaGram at KnoImNot.