The Prince George’s Arts Council (PGAC) recently announced it has joined Arts & Economic Prosperity IV.  The research study, being conducted by Americans for the Arts, will evaluate the impact spending by nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences have on their local economies. As one of 200 study partners across the U.S. and the District of Columbia, PGAC will facilitate the gathering of detailed economic and event attendance data from nonprofit arts and culture organizations located throughout Prince George’s County. 

In addition, PGAC will collaborate with the community’s other arts organizations to collect surveys from at least 800 arts and culture attendees in Prince George’s County during 2011.  “Arts & Economic Prosperity IV will allow us to evaluate the impact of the recession on the employment and government revenues that are generated by the nonprofit arts industry,” PGAC said in a prepared statement. “We expect that the findings will demonstrate that the arts remain a formidable industry in spite of our country’s recent economic challenges.”

Customized findings for Prince George’s County will demonstrate the impact of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences on the economy. Specifically, the study’s results will include:

The total dollars spent by Prince George’s County’s nonprofit arts and culture organizations.

The total dollars spent by audiences as a direct result of their attendance at arts and culture events in Prince George’s County.

The number of full-time equivalent jobs supported by arts spending.

The amount of resident, household income-including salaries and wages-generated by arts spending.

The amount of local and state government tax revenues generated by arts spending.

In Prince George’s County, the previous study documented that the local nonprofit arts industry generated 678 jobs and $35.71 million in total economic activity during 2005, resulting in $2.85 million in local and state government revenue. The $35.71 million total included $10.76 million in spending by arts organizations and $24.95 million in event-related spending by their audiences on items such as meals, local transportation and overnight lodging.

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