When his father passed away more than a year ago, Azim Al-Sala’m wanted to find a way to not only honor the man who instilled principles of kindness and charity in him, but also carry on his positive legacy.

A native Washingtonian, Al-Sala’m, 33, founded Consider Someone Else, a social networking Web site that aims to provide a platform that offers user-friendly navigation in finding a cause to support.

The site, Considersomeoneelse.com, offers what is called “The CSE Challenge,” which offers donors the opportunity to actively engage in making more societal contributions. The challenge allows donors to participate in one of four ways: Find a cause on the site to support, purchase a pack of CSE gift cards to disperse, post an item to donate in a “Give it Away” section of the site, or videotape a new way to consider someone else.

“It’s all about creating an original way to give,” said Al-Sala’m. “My goal is to make this the premier site for social contribution.”

The non-profit organization is Al-Sala’m’s way of promoting social and educational awareness while creating a way to make giving to charity “cooler.”

In hopes of garnering funding for his organization, Al-Sala’m entered the Pepsi Refresh Project contest. The contest – still in progress – is looking to award people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on the community. Applicants post their ideas on the Pepsi Refresh Project Web site, and wait for the public to vote for the best concept. When voting closes on June 30, the winner will receive $25,000 to help fund his or her cause.

If he wins, Al-Sala’m hopes to create the “$12.00 Pledge.” The pledge will be a one-time tax deductable contribution made to CSE. This, Al-Sala’m hopes, will supplement the “CSE Challege,” and encourage membership.

The pledge will take $1 from the donation each month and funnel it toward a particular cause. Each month a different cause will benefit from the “$12 Pledge.” He plans to reward donors with the opportunity to receive “Kindness Cash,” a monthly $15 giveaway.

“It gives people a platform to donate,” said Al-Sala’m.”This allows people the opportunity to give on a year-round basis by only paying one time. No donation is more than $12.00.”

Al-Sala’m also stresses that there will be transparency with each donation, allowing each donor to see which charity their money is going to. He also wants other non-profits to catch on and join him on his quest to “revolutionize social giving.”

Though there is the real possibility that he won’t win the Pepsi Refresh Project contest, Al-Sala’m maintains that CSE will continue, with or without the $25,000.

“This is my personality,” said Al-Sala’m. “This is my dream, who I am. Win or lose, I’m going to pursue this. “