By Peter IwuhSpecial to The AFRO

Speaker, influencer and serial entrepreneur Raven Paris, recently launched a workbook called The Game-Changer: Start-Up Kit to Become or Sustain Entrepreneurship to help young and new entrepreneurs develop, sustain, and expand their business careers during the pandemic. The Game-Changer is a detailed workbook created to help people grow and sustain a pandemic-proof online business.

A native of Baltimore, and a graduate of Morgan State University, Paris is well-known for her extensive media and hosting experience. Besides her daily motivational Instagram content to her 40,000 Instagram followers, she is currently the Maryland Lottery announcer. She has also hosted segments at TMZ, BET, and 92 Q Radio.

“I wanted to change the game by basically providing peers, entrepreneurs, and creatives the blueprint to build a good and valuable brand since no one taught me how to do it,” Paris said. 

Her advice comes at a critical time in Baltimore as scores of businesses have been shuttered due to the pandemic. Times have also been tough for creatives to find a pathway to success due to the uncertain business climate where money is scarce to start or sustain a business. 

“Over the last year, many service and retail businesses needed grants and low-cost capital to stay in business. Many could no longer provide for their employees and had to let them go,” said Paul Taylor, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Minority & Women-Owned Business Development.

Paris guides her readers through the procedures of establishing a proper social media strategy and presence, branding, finding clients and leads online. The book also teachers readers about  brand identity and launching an effective business plan. The Game-Changer has been featured in Fox Baltimore, Sheen Magazine, and The Source.

Social media has played an increasingly important role. Businesses can reach their clients, service businesses can hold meetings using tools like Zoom, and collaboration is being reconfigured in new ways,” Paris said.  

Along with innovating the entrepreneurship game, Paris also aims to motivate and be an exemplary figure for other young women in Baltimore and worldwide. With thousands of like-minded Instagram followers, she has been achieving her goal to encourage others, one step at a time.

“Being a woman in a male-dominated industry is a challenge and obstacle that is always put against me, but I like to overcome it to show young women that if you have a brain, go and fight for something and make it happen,” Paris said.  

Her mentee, Courtney Lynea, better known as @OhThatsCourt across social media to over 50,000 Instagram and TikTok followers credited Paris with improving her brand strategies and mindset. She characterized Paris as resourceful, blessed, inviting, and supportive.

“When I first met Raven, I had 4,000 followers on Instagram. Now I have close to 30,000. I would say my social media skyrocketed,” Lynea said.

“I never felt stupid around her, and if I did not know something, she would help me. No questions asked. I never felt less than,” Lynea said.

You can read more about The Game-Changer by visiting

Peter Iwuh is a Strategic Communication Major at Morgan State University