By Camille Davis
Special to the AFRO

Entrepreneurs, Tanya Duckett and Shara Gibson, owners of Local Meditations, called an emergency press conference on Dec. 10 in an effort to dispel negative connotations associated with local, legitimate CBD businesses and the legal cannabis industry.

At 7:30 p.m., Duckett and Gibson met with Second District Metropolitan Police Department Lieutenant Ashley Mancuso and Sargent Adam Bray. The purpose was to enlighten and educate the local police force on the difference between CBD and THC products, and request support of holistic alternatives for local residents’ health. Both Lt. Mancuso and Sgt. Bray stated they were “happy to come out.”

Entrepreneurs Tanya Duckett and Shara Gibson, owners of Local Mediations, called an emergency meeting with Metropolitan police and press conference on Dec. 10 in order to dispel negative connotations associated with CBD and the cannabis industry. Duckett is picture here with Lt. Ashley Mancuso and Sgt. Adam Bray. (Photo by Camille Davis)

Bray continued, “it’s an industry in its infancy, so for us to come, be able to reach out to the local businesses, they can tell us exactly what they’re doing. We can tell them exactly what we’re concerned with. It starts a better relationship between the police and the local businesses.”

Questions from local news media followed at 8 p.m.

Several local business owners, and members of Georgetown Main Street (GMS) and the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) attended to lend their support.

Georgetown ANC 2E02 Commissioner Joe Gibbons provided a statement to the local media on behalf of Georgetown residents, saying, “we want legal and safe businesses and this is great small business. We are happy to support small businesses. This is a great use of space; a day spa for our community to relax and enjoy.”

Local Meditations co-owner Shara Gibson with ANC Commissioner Joe Gibbons (center) and Robert Devaney, editor-in-chief of The Georgetowner (left). (Photo by Camille Davis)

Due to recent, illegal activity in the area sparking neighbor concerns, Commissioner Gibbons took action by notifying MPD, DCRA and the Office of the Attorney General. His attendance last evening endorsed Local Meditations as a “legal, safe, and healthy business doing great things for people and a lovely addition to the Georgetown neighborhood.” 

“We are very proud they came here. We want to support more small businesses like this,” Gibbons said wrapping his statement of approval.

As a small business, the Local Mediations owners are an integral part of the community. 

“The biggest takeaway is that we’ve established a stronger relationship with the community and there’s no confusion about what’s happening here,” Gibson said. 

Duckett emphasized, “Education is key.” 

“We’re here to educate as many people as possible and don’t want to be associated with businesses selling mainly THC to our residents,” Duckett added. “We’re all in this together. We’re all the D.C. cannabis community, at the end of the day; however, there is already a stigma with cannabis and CBD. Don’t make it worse.”

Barbara Biddle, owner of District Hemp, applauded both Duckett and Gibson as they spoke. As neighbor across the circle, Biddle emphasized that the meet-up, “showcased the importance of community.” 

“I’m proud of Local Meditations. I’m appreciative. These ladies are representing our industry in a positive light, when so much negativity is coming down on us.”For more information on Local Meditations, visit Those looking to incorporate CBD into their daily routine should register for the complimentary CBD education workshop held every Saturday at 5 p.m.