Annika Campbell was among 18 students selected to participate in the prestigious Crimson Summer Exchange Program in China. Annika lives in Fort Washington, Md., and is a rising senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

The Crimson Summer Exchange Program “brings the experiences and passions of undergraduate and graduate students at world universities to lead and mentor students in Hong Kong and Mainland China,” according to program literature. This year’s program theme was “Inspiring the Next Generation: Transforming Individuals, Communities and the World.” 

“I was so happy to find that there was something in my program plan for everybody. Some of my students did not really like having to analyze poetry but they loved performing it. Others didn’t want to perform but enjoyed rewriting the poetry,” Campbell in a press statement. “However, the one that touched me the most was the student who had never done any drama before.”

Prior to being selected for this program she completed a study abroad program at the Universidad Politecnica Madrid in Spain.