Washington, DC – During their 12th Anniversary & Awards Celebration the Foundation for Advancement for Music and Education (FAME) organization honored, M. Gasby Brown with the 2016 “Non-Profit Advocate” Award for her various volunteer efforts.

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M. Gasby Brown receives 2016 “Non-Profit Advocate” Award for her various volunteer efforts. (Photo Credit: Gwendolyn Flowers)

Amongst a distinguished panel of recipients recognized by FAME during the ceremony was Philanthropist and Fundraising Professional, M. Gasby Brown, acclaimed for her philanthropic leadership, communication and business development strategy training in the nonprofit and faith-based arenas, both regionally and globally.

Upon accepting the award for her advocacy, fundraising and strengthening of non-profit leadership, Ms. Brown humbly stated, “This award is absolutely a blessing.” She further elaborated, “I am grateful for FAME and the many other organizations that allow me to lend my talents and live my purpose, through education and volunteering.”

Mrs. Brown is revered in the community, not only for her works as the CEO and Executive Consultant for her philanthropic consulting firm, The Gasby Group, Inc., but also as an accomplished, self-taught Visual Artist.

“Toni” Lewis, Founder & Executive Director of FAME, whose mission is to nurture, support, and encourage the talents of young people, spoke with great sincerity about the “Non-Profit Advocate” Award-recipient. “We thank God for Gasby! What is the likelihood of having a Harvard Graduate and MIT Researcher who is willing to get into the trenches with charitable organizations?”

Ms. Lewis continued, “With this award, we wanted to applaud her national efforts, but on the regional level. It’s rare that you meet someone with this level of expertise and numerous gifts, who has the heart to bestow it upon others for their betterment.”

For Mrs. Brown, the hard work continues beyond public acknowledgement. She is a purpose-driven educator and her work is her ministry. Inevitably modeling her father, an ordained minister, she will continue to contribute to the success of a plethora of organizations throughout the country, before her work is complete.

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