Madame CJ Walker-001

Sundial Brands new hair care line, Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture, pays homage to America’s first Black self-made millionaire. (Courtesy photo)

In the spirit of Madame CJ Walker, creator of Black hair products, Sundial Brands, maker of “Nubian Heritage” and “SheaMoisture,” revamped the 1906 hair line for a 21st century approach, entitled “Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture.” The line will be exclusively sold at beauty care seller Sephora.

The line is meant to pay homage to America’s first Black self-made millionaire, Madame CJ Walker.

“This line is continuing Madam C.J. Walker’s legacy of women’s and economic empowerment,” Richelieu Dennis, CEO of Sundial Brands, told the {AFRO}. “This has been almost a decade long endeavor from when we first thought that honoring her legacy in this way was possible to now introducing this brand to a new generation in a way that is worthy of Madam Walker. We’re bringing back more than a brand; we are introducing what beauty culture means to a new generation.”

The new line, for kinky, coily, wavy and straight/heat-styled hair, aims to meet all Black hair care needs. “Our ultimate goal is to bring back more than a brand and introduce a new beauty culture,” Dennis said.

“Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture is taking what Madam Walker envisioned more than 100 years ago to a fresh, new level with products and formulas I believe she might have imagined for the 21st century,” A’Lelia Bundles, great-great granddaughter of Madam C.J. Walker and official Madam C.J. Walker historian and biographer said in a statement.