A Colorado man was arrested after his therapist reported his threats to assassinate President Obama and shoot children on Halloween.

Mitchell Kenneth Kusick, of Westminster, Colo., is a student at Colorado Mesa University in western Colorado and, acquaintances said, the last person they’d expect to make such threats.

One of Kusick’s peers at Broomfield High School, from which the two graduated in 2011, told KUSA-TV in Denver that the would-be assassin came from a nice neighborhood and seemed normal.

“Of all the people I knew from that school he’s probably one of the last people I would have suspected of planning something like this,” said his classmate, who asked not to be identified.

“He was always a really nice kid. He was respectful to the teacher. He liked learning. He was athletic. People liked him. So, I just didn’t see this coming at all,” she said.

But according to KUSA-TV, court records show that under that placid exterior was a potential mass killer, who told Secret Service investigators that he had been harboring his murderous plans for about six years.

Kusick had allegedly contrived a plot to shoot students at a trick-or-treat event at Standley Lake High School. And, as part of the plot, had stolen a shotgun from his aunt’s house, hidden it and tried to purchase ammunition.

On Oct. 29, the suspect told his therapist the plan, including his hopes that he would gain infamy as the “guy who killed Obama,” the Associated Press reported. The alleged statement came just days before the president held a campaign rally in Boulder.

His plans to kill the president were not prompted by personal or ideological biases, Kusick—a registered unaffiliated voter—told investigators. In fact, he thought Obama had done a good job.

According to court records, Kusick had admitted to a fascination with the Columbine and Virginia Tech shooting sprees. He also supposedly studied this year’s theater shooting in Aurora, dissecting where the alleged gunman, James Holmes, went wrong.

“I share an understanding of situation,” he said, according to the television station.

The admitted bomb enthusiast also added, “Some people just want to watch the world burn down, and I’m one of them.”

After the therapist reported Kusick’s alleged statements to police, he was placed on a psychiatric hold at Lutheran Hospital. A detention hearing was expected to be held on Nov. 16.


Zenitha Prince

Special to the AFRO