WASHINGTON, D.C.–A Laurel man and woman are being sent to prison, him for seven years and her for four, after admitting to engineering a sex-for-pay scheme over the Internet, using teenage girls, a D.C. Superior Court judge has mandated.

Dominique Emanuel Bell, 22, and Candice Ponder, 26, pleaded guilty to pandering, inducing or compelling a minor to engage in prostitution.

Their sentences were handed down by Judge Richard Morin after the pair admitted to trafficking two girls, Stacks, 16, and Candy, 19, throughout the D.C. area to service male clients recruited over the Internet in exchange for money.

The proceeds of these sexual acts were turned over to Bell and Ponder, according to U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Ronald C. Machen Jr.

The activity was broken up when the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force, after responding to ads on prostitution-linked web sites, arranged with Ponder to meet two young girls at a Northwest D.C. location for sex in exchange for money.

“ The process was for Ponder to post prostitution ads on the Internet for the teenagers and arrange the ‘dates’ with individuals who responded. Bell and Ponder would then drive the teenagers to various locations for the dates, including numerous places in the District of Columbia,” Machen said in a release.

” Bell and Ponder would provide the teenagers with marijuana and Ecstasy pills in between dates. Bell was always present in the vehicle in case the teenagers needed protection or physical assistance during the date. Bell carried both a handgun and a semi-automatic firearm with a scope attached to use for protection or intimidation,” the release said.

Machen said that Bell and Ponder referred to their prostitution enterprise as “GMB,” which stands for “Get Money Boys” and “Get Money Bitches.”