Tamika Hall, Mrs. Maryland Essence 2010, captured the title of Mrs. Essence 2010 in late August, marking the second time the author and anti-violence advocate competed for the crown.

Hall has spoken around the country to thousands of children, youth, and concerned adults about bullying, dating violence, domestic violence, and discovering one’s personal best. A survivor of dating and domestic abuse, Hall will continue the work she has done with dating violence for the last 10 years under her popular program, Love Doesn’t Leave Bruises!

“I love the Essence Pageant System and all that is stands for,” the contest winner said in a statement.. “I decided to compete for the title of Mrs. Essence because I was looking for something different in the world of pageantry.”

Tamika is married to Terrelle Hall and the two reside on the state’s Eastern Shore with their four children. The family attends Greater New Hope Church & Ministries and operates El Shaddai Productions, a company dedicated to producing stage plays and marketing arts ministries.

The Essence Pageant system was created by Sue Drakeford in 2007 to recognize the urban, trendsetting woman. The Essence Pageant System awards five different categories to celebrate women of all ages: Teen, Miss, Mrs., Ms., and Mrs. Classic Essence.

For more information about the Mrs. Essence Pageant, please visit: www.essencepageant.com.