Applications Now Open

BALTIMORE, MD. (Thursday, March 24, 2022) — Today, Mayor Brandon M. Scott announced that the City of Baltimore will be accepting applications for the Baltimore City Commission for Women. 

This Women’s History Month, Mayor Scott is reinvigorating the Commission by placing it under the purview of the Office of Equity and Civil Rights (OECR).  

“Equity and inclusion are central tenets of my administration, and really my entire career in public service,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “We want to build a city government that is responsive to the needs and concerns of all our residents. That means uplifting voices that have been sidelined for far too long.”

The Baltimore City Commission for Women serves as a focal point and forum for the unique challenges faced by women and addresses instances of gender discrimination and prejudice within the purview of local government.

The commission is tasked with facilitating government engagement with women across all socio-economic and racial backgrounds to ensure that their issues are properly prioritized by the city. It also works to ensure representation for women within city agencies and across programming initiatives.

Mayor Scott’s decision to house the Commission within the OECR assures that the Commission will have the support and guidance of the OECR staff, that there will be collaboration between the Women’s Commission, the OECR’s Equity Division and the other boards and commissions housed within the OECR. With this active support and collaboration, the Commission will be able to both focus on the concerns that are unique to women, but to also have the needed resources to address those concerns.

“The Office of Equity and Civil Rights is delighted that Mayor Scott has selected our office as the new home for the Women’s Commission,” said Office of Equity and Civil Rights Director Dana P. Moore. “With the Commission’s specific legislative mandate to, among other things, advance equity in our beloved Baltimore, we feel that this new growth for our office is not just timely, it is perfect for all of Baltimore.”

The Commission comprises 19 voting members, to be appointed by the Mayor in accordance with Article IV, § 6 of the City Charter.

Interested residents can apply at: 

Members serve for a term of four years, concurrent with the terms of the Mayor and the City Council. At the end of a term, a member continues to serve until a qualified successor is appointed.

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