Mayor Brandon M. Scott (Courtesy Photo/

BALTIMORE, MD. (Friday, February 4, 2022) — “Stronger law enforcement is critical in stopping gun crime, but it’s made more effective when we make real investments in making our communities stronger and in addressing the causes of crime before it spills over into violence.” – President Joseph R. Biden

“In Baltimore City, we have been using our law enforcement partners to focus on getting the violent offenders off our streets and crackdown on gun trafficking, all while simultaneously investing in our Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan — Baltimore’s first holistic violence prevention strategy. This is a multi-year plan that will allow us to focus on addressing the violence today while making strategic investments to address the upstream, root-cause factors that allow violence to reproduce — like providing economic stability, quality education, and health care for our residents. Like our Comprehensive Violence Prevention Plan, the President’s approach reflects the need to leverage every single resource available to tackle violence from all sides. This is why I made an unprecedented $50 million investment in public safety using American Rescue Plan Act dollars. A critical investment that will allow us to implement a Group Violence Reduction Strategy and expand evidence-based community violence intervention programming, measures that we know work. I am grateful to have partners at the Federal level who understand the complexities of the issue at hand and, like us, are willing to do what it takes to make our country and city safer for all of our residents.”

Mayor Brandon M. Scott

To view the President’s full statement click here.

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