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Helping to feed the public safely during COVID-19

News provided by MD Best Food Trucks, LLC

Baltimore, March 26, 2020 – As restaurants close and communities are urged to avoid public spaces or to shelter in place, Maryland Best Food Trucks is providing a safe and accessible way for central Maryland residents to eat while helping food trucks stay in business. Using the nation’s largest food truck booking and ordering platform, Maryland Best Food Trucks has created a link https://www.bestfoodtrucks.com/map/baltimore for customers to find and order from food trucks. With social distancing key to reducing the spread of the Coronavirus, online ordering is one of the safest and most convenient ways to purchase food. The platform allows users to avoid waiting in line and the exchanging of cash or cards, keeping both customers and staff safe. Maryland Best Food Trucks staff is also available around the clock to help dispatch and coordinate food trucks for emergency meals for hospitals and clinics, homeless and domestic violence shelters, government agencies, groups coordinating meals for children out of school, or any other organization.

Safety and health are of the utmost importance right now, and food trucks are taking COVID-19 seriously. Maryland Best Food Trucks encourages all food truck operators to follow the recommended resources, and require employees who show signs of illness to stay home.

Maryland Best Food Trucks is also asking food trucks to follow additional precautions, including:

● Checking employees for fever

● Wiping down cooking and preparation surfaces twice as often as normal using a 10% bleach (or equivalent) solution.

● Working with food suppliers that are proactively following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines and current best practices.

“Our goal is to keep people fed, keep food trucks in business, and keep everyone safe and healthy,” said David Pulford, co-founder of Maryland Best Food Trucks. “People can order food from the safety of their own home, get a text when it’s ready and pick up a delicious meal, removing at least one source of stress during this uncertain time.”

Best Food Trucks is the nation’s largest food truck booking and ordering platform. From lot booking and location management, to our exclusive order-ahead technology, and setting up food trucks at your office building, residential complex, or event, Maryland Best Food Trucks handles the logistics in Central Maryland so you can focus on the food.

For Press Contact, email Dave Pulford & Willy Dely at mdbestfoodtrucks@gmail.com