Prince George’s County Public Schools is disputing reports that its cafeterias are serving inedible, unsafe meals to students.

On Sept. 11, Tamera Perry, a student at Friendly High School in Fort Washington, Md., tweeted an unappetizing image of cheesy dough enclosing a mushy, pink-toned paste, which she claimed was supposed to be a Rojo Fiesta Pizza. She commented, “What is this, this is not pizza.”

FOX 5, a local television affiliate, reported the allegations and interviewed the high school senior.

“Criminals are getting better food than we are,” Perry told the television station. “You’re giving us something that’s not healthy, that can possibly cause us to die and it’s just unacceptable.”

Following Perry’s Twitter posting, a tide of other complaints flooded social media. Students posted images of expired orange juice, undercooked meat, moldy burger buns, burnt ingredients and other unappetizing meals which they claimed they regularly encounter on their lunch trays.

“I’ve gotten lunch where my mandarin orange has mold on it,” said Perry. “There have been incidents where the lunch lady had to collect our fruit cup because they were expired. Our milk has been expired. Open up apple juice cartons and it’s been green. It’s just disgusting.”

Another Twitter user, who said she is also a public school student in the county, decried the cost of the lunches—$3—and the quality, saying it should be “illegal” to feed them to kids.

“Think about the Elementary school kids who ate this pizza without a thought because they assume the food given to them is safe, while very few high-schoolers know to always check school food before you eat it,” @MoneyandMac posted.

“So many kids have gotten sick and it’s gone unspoken, but this is NOT OKAY,” she added.

The county school system disputed the students’ claims.

“Unfortunately our local news station incorrectly reported this story,” a school spokesperson said in an e-mailed statement to the AFRO. “The photos referenced in the earlier story are not from our school district.”

“Moreover, you may be interested to know that the student featured in the story revealed to us that she was expecting to receive an Italian style pizza for lunch last week. She chose a vegetarian, Latin-themed option that is a pizza crust, refried beans and cheese. There was no mold or expiration date issues with this meal.”