By AFRO Staff

AFRO: How long have you been a model?
Chocolate K. Jordan: I started modeling at the tender age of three.

AFRO: What’s your current assignment?
CKJ: This assignment involves runway, brand, mannequin and modeling.

AFRO: How is this portion of your career being affected by the quarantine?
CKJ: At first it was affected greatly, as all of my summer shows were cancelled. However, due to the state that our country is in and how injustice and police brutality have affected us globally, the fashion industry used its platform to bring awareness and pay tribute to those who has lost their lives in the hands of law enforcers.

As for my full time employment, I was a foster care social worker employed by Jewish Family Children Services up until June 30 when they closed their child welfare department. I am now unemployed for the summer and enjoying weekly photoshoots.

Chocolate K. Jordan (Courtesy of Instagram @Chocolatedamodel)

AFRO: How does the feeling compare when you’re modeling to when you’re dancing?
CKJ: Great question, somewhat different yet the same. I bring all that I am to every table.

In both entities I have the opportunity to help people, meet their need, bring joy and happiness into their lives and bring about a change and inspire them in so many ways. I have had many opportunities to minister to models and people in the audience before or after a show. Both modeling and the ministry of dance are my passion.

AFRO: What’s the uniqueness of your style of modeling?
CKJ: My turn. I am know for the Mannequin turn.

AFRO: Do you wear your own fashion when you model?
CKJ: Not really, however from time to time I wear my own fashion for print work.

AFRO: How has your fashion brand developed? How’s it faring now? (Tshirts, masks, etc. )
CKJ: It is still in its development stage, however it is coming along nicely. I could use some help on promotion, but in time we will make our mark. Stay tuned for Affirmations by Chocolate.

Elder Chocolate K. Jordan has been a resident of the West Oak Lane Section of Philadelphia, Pa. for over 42 years. Elder Jordan is the founder of Just 2 or More Dance Ministry in Motion, W.O.W. Dance Ministry, Women of Virtue Dance Ministry, More Precious than Rubies, Project Love and Project LOVE Wraps. The Lord uses Elder Jordan as an exhorter and her prophetic dance ministry allows her to travel around the world on his behalf.

Elder Chocolate is fully committed to the Lord, to his will and to his way! Chocolate heard the call to preach at the tender age of thirteen; however, she accepted the call to ministry at 15-years-old. At the age of 13, she made a covenant with God and herself, that she would present and keep her body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. She considers it her reasonable act of service. She took a stand at a young age, and is still standing! Elder Chocolate encourages young women by precept and example.

Elder Chocolate has raised seven children and is currently assisting two young adult daughters, Jaquna and Nykemah, through college at East Stroudsburg University. Helping her daughters transition into adulthood as Godly, powerful, well-rounded and fully-equipped young women is her pride and joy.