Rev. McCall is taking the conversation to the community. (Courtesy Photo)

The Rev. Ramelle McCall, 33, 2 1/2 years

Church of St Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church,       2013 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD

Hometown: Baltimore

Education: Bachelor of Science, Stevenson University 2003                     Master of Divinity, Wake Forest University 2006                                         Graduate degree in Anglican Studies 2011

How did you hear your call to ministry?  I heard my call to ministry during my junior year of college, which led to me to Wake Forest University Divinity School. I later obtained a graduate degree in Anglican studies, and became an Episcopal priest.

Preparing acolytes for worship. (Courtesy Photo)

What has been the biggest surprise about ministry? I am amazed at how many people are influenced by my Christian acts such as preaching, praying, helping, etc. I am humbled to be forever called to serve people from different backgrounds and different paths along their journey.

What aspect are you most proud of? I am very happy to see parishioners believe in themselves in ways beyond measure. I am happy to see how their faith in God can be demonstrated and can influence myself and others to live better within Christendom.

What’s the most exciting thing about your ministry? At St. Michael and All Angels we are hopelessly optimistic about the plans that God has for us. We are excited because we believe that God has great things in store for us and we will continue to reach more people through different ministries and initiatives we feel led to do.

Looks like the baby’s trying to swim during this blessing. (Courtesy Photo)

Who are your (s)heroes in ministry? The Rev. James Cleveland speaks to my soul with his great gospel melodies, and of course, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who reminds me that ministry is not easy, but it is about making sure one advocates for peace and justice.

Are you a PK (preacher’s kid)? Not really. Church impacted my life when I began college. It was there that God showed me how to believe in myself and to better love my neighbors as myself. It was there God showed me that God take cares of me and others in ways beyond measure.

How does social media enhance your ministry, or not? We have several followers on Facebook and we do have people visiting our website. I truly believe that all churches should have at least a website because social media and the Internet are ways in which people are noticing our parishes.

Rev. McCall applies ashes to AFRO news editor Greg Dale in front of Terra Cafe on Ash Wednesday. (Photo by Rev. Dorothy Boulware)

What’s the newest aspect of your ministry? I am currently working with an Episcopal Service Corp intern whose primary focus is to build outreach with St. Michael and All Angels and St Mary’s Community Center in Hampden. We have decided to offer a safe, non judgmental discussion of theology and current events. One catch – bring a news story from your smartphone or tablet or newspaper. The next discussions are 7-9 p.m., March 5, at St. Michael and All Angels and 7 p.m., March 8 at St. Mary’s Community Center.

What’s next for you in ministry? We’re trying to build as many positive relationships as possible within the Station North Community. We simply want everyone to know we are here for them. We also want to meet everyone where they are because we feel this is what Christ does with everyone.

What’s your favorite form of recreation or self care? Well, I love some good music. I therefore love to hear a good Rhythm and Blues band or just watch some good sports such as baseball, basketball and football. Go Ravens! Go O’s!

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