A Queens, N.Y. man labeled as being mentally-ill was charged with breaking into Sean “Diddy” Combs’ East Hampton mansion where he apparently sipped the rap mogul’s liquor, ate his food and tried on his clothes.

According to the New York Post, Quamine Taylor, 30, was charged with trespassing and petty larceny after he broke into Combs’ lush abode in late March. The hip-hop magnate was not at his residence during the time of the break-in.

According to an April 13 police report Taylor entered the residence through an unlocked basement door. The report said that once Taylor gained entry and, after dining, imbibing and modeling, he capped off the evening by sleeping in an upstairs bedroom.

Shortly thereafter, Taylor triggered a security alarm and a police officer and an investigator arrived at the residence. He told them he was a member of the Combs family and was allowed to be there.

The next morning, a caretaker discovered Taylor and called East Hampton police, reporting him as an intruder. After officers arrived, Taylor answered the door, only partially clothed, according to the East Hampton Star newspaper. He was later cuffed and detained at a local police station.

Taylor’s mother told the Post that her son has a long history of mental illness and has been off of medication for a while.

“We have been trying to get him some help,” she said.

Taylor told the Post that he broke in because he just wanted to relax for a bit.

“I really didn’t go to Daddy’s house because I’m a big fan of his,” he said.

“I just wanted to get out of the city for a while. I was actually hoping to stay like 15 to 17 days.”

Apparently, Taylor, who is not a personal friend of the mansion owner, had broken into Combs’ residence at least once before. He told the Post that he’s been making trips to the mansion since 2001.

“I stay there a lot, but Sean gets funny sometimes about me staying there,” he said. A spokesman for the impresario declined to comment.

During the first break-in, Taylor told authorities that he was Combs’ cousin after they found him swimming in the mogul’s pool.

An incident similar to Taylor’s story occurred in 2010 when a Florida woman who claimed to be Combs’ wife was arrested in East Hampton. According to New York’s WNBC, authorities said the woman was found twice at a home in the area that she mistakenly thought was owned by Combs.