The video of Michelle Obama’s closing statement was released on Youtube, Oct. 6. (Courtesy of Youtube)

By Jessica Dortch
AFRO News Editor

With less than a month to go before election day, Joe Biden’s campaign unleashed their not-so-secret weapon, Michelle Obama. In a closing statement released on Oct. 6, the former FLOTUS made her final appeal to voters, urging them to be “informed and engaged in this election because the stakes are on display everyday.” 

Obama criticized the president multiple times during her remarks, calling out his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to public safety, virtual learning and economic relief. 

The former first lady commented on all of the turbulence our country has faced this year, like the wildfires in the West and the racially charged protest, not to mention the “worst job losses in recent history.” Obama then applauded the American people as a whole including essential workers like doctors, nurses, teachers and childcare workers saying “Americans have stepped up to answer the call.” 

In an obviously divided country, President Trump is someone who “devoted his life to enriching himself, his family and other wealthy people he truly understands,” instead of helping the American people. She asserted that “Joe Biden is the kind of president that we need right now, who will put the needs of our country before his own.” 

Obama prompted viewers to create a voting plan and exercise the right that our ancestors fought for “We have got to make our plan to vote this instant!”

If you haven’t already, register to vote and let your voice be heard in this crucial election on Nov. 3.