The shooting death of a Missouri mother and her three young children, who were all found dead on the grounds of a local resort, has been ruled as a murder-suicide, authorities say.

According to the UK Daily Mail, the bodies of Christine Adewunmi and her three daughters-Lauren, 8, Samantha, 6 and Kate, 3 were found on the camp grounds of the Blue Spring Ranch and Resort in Bourbon, Mo. on March 17.

Crawford County officials say that Adewunmi shot and killed her three daughters before turning the gun on herself.

“We are confident this was a triple-murder/suicide, with the mother doing the shooting,” Crawford County Sheriff Randy Martin told the Daily Mail.

Blue Springs Ranch owner J.R. Isom told the Associated Press that a resort guest discovered the bodies down a remote road during the afternoon. Shortly thereafter, Isom and a group of employees walked to the site and saw a car parked in the middle of the road and spotted four bodies a short distance away.

Isom explained that the mother and her children were not guests of the resort and probably entered the site through a back entrance.

The woman’s husband, Leonard Adewunmi said his wife, who was a former schoolteacher, was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression.

The night before the killings, Leonard came home from work and discovered that his wife and children were missing. According to the St. Louis Today newspaper, he dialed his wife’s cell phone over 25 times, and later phoned authorities. He explained to officers that his wife may be suicidal, due to her recent bipolar diagnosis.

Earlier in the week, Leonard took his wife to a local hospital for an evaluation. She later decided that she would eventually check herself in for treatment.

After the bodies were discovered, authorities searched Christine Adewunmi’s personal computer and found internet searches on suicide and depression.

Days after the tragic incident, the town of Ballwin, where the family resided, remains in awe.

“I could never imagine this happening. They were such happy little girls,” Amit Mehta, a neighbor of the Adewunmi family told the AP.

Sandy Sutterlin, who lives across the street from the Adewunmi residence echoed Mehta’s comments.

“She was real happy, it seemed like,” Suetterlin told the AP. “I don’t get it. I wish I did. I just can’t sleep at night. I’m just blown away.”