Beginning Jan. 1, the Equal Benefits Law, also known as the Domestic Partner Benefits Law, becomes effective in Montgomery County. Under the Equal Benefits Law, county contractors or subcontractors who are employers must provide the same benefits to an employee with a domestic partner as those provided to an employee with a spouse.

Benefits may include bereavement leave, family medical leave, sick leave, health benefits, dental benefits, disability insurance, life insurance and retirement benefits.
Under the law, a contractor or subcontractor must not discharge or retaliate against an employee for demanding any right under the Equal Benefits Law, or for filing a complaint of a violation. In addition, the county may perform audits and investigate any complaint of a violation. If a violation occurs, contractors may be sanctioned.

The law applies to any contract awarded on or after Jan. 1 and applies to county procurement contracts subject to Montgomery County Code Section 11B-33A, the Wage Requirements Law, also known as the Living Wage Law, and those subject to Code Section 11B-33C, the Prevailing Wage Law.