By Brigette White, Special to the AFRO

Looking to spice up your workout routine and dust off those resolutions in a fabulous and energizing environment? Joy Copeland, of The Joy of Styling, and her team has the answer.

TJOS is a fashion company consisting of four women who offer de-cluttering and organizing services, personalized style consulting, slay the runway lessons, style parties, dress for success workshops and healthy lifestyle events.

Joy Copeland, founder and CEO of The Joy of Styling, after February’s Fit & Fab ‘90s edition.

Since February 2018, The Joy of Styling, also known as TJOS, has provided the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area with the opportunity to learn how to get fit in fabulous new ways, with the monthly series, “Fit & Fab.”

What makes TJOS’s “Fit & Fab” classes different from other programs is that it offers different kinds of workout techniques with varying musical vibes for women and men. The series kicked off with a 1990s Zumba class, taught by Micha Green, AFRO Washington, D.C. editor, using music from artists such as New Edition and TLC. In March, TJOS hosted an Irie Yoga workout session to the calming sounds of Jamaican reggae classics. This month’s class is an Afrofusion dance fitness course.

“Afrofusion is a dance class focusing primarily on fusing ‘whining’  with basic forms of cardio, so you can enjoy your very own workout party,” Copeland said.

Copeland, an image consultant by trade, is the mastermind behind the “Fit & Fab” workout sessions.

Students during Fit & Fab: Irie Yoga.

“It was my idea to implement the ‘Fit & Fab’ events. I came up with the idea in college and it became my go-to event,” Copeland told the AFRO. These events were one of the reasons I wanted to start TJOS because fashion is a lifestyle and we should all have fun while working out.”

The Joy of Styling plans to continue bringing “Fit & Fab” to the community in an effort to empower and strengthen self-esteems.

“I want men and women to leave feeling uplifted and start to make healthy choices a part of their regular routine. Fashion is a lifestyle. When you look better, you feel better. That is what I want for people,” the CEO said.

Each session is $12 for an hour and a half of exercise and can be booked on her website,

The Afrofusion class will start with stretching, and then over an hour of blended African dance moves to a contemporary combination of music infused with traditional rhythms of Africa.

The “Fit & Fab” classes are also a platform for established instructors to teach and reach a new audience.

On Sunday, April 8, Iziegbe ‘Izzy’ Odigie, is coming to Joe’s Movement Emporium, in Mount Rainer, Md., to demonstrate the moves that are propelling her career as a Nigerian choreographer and performer. Izzy is currently an Instagram star known for posting a variety of dance related content for her 80,000-plus followers.

“I went to school with Izzy in New York at St. John’s . She is from this area and loves to dance and share that with others. I’m excited to work with her again as we are both doing what we love,” said Copeland.

The 24-year-old Bowie, Md. native and entrepreneur wants people to try “Fit & Fab” even if dance workouts are not their preferred form of fitness.

“I hope that people try something new. You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy this class. We are all here to have fun and get active. Afrofusion is all about the energy and this class is going to be just that, amazing energy,” she said.

Editor’s Note: Founder and CEO of The Joy of Styling, Joy Copeland, is the first cousin to AFRO Washington, D.C. editor, Micha Green. Brigette White covered Copeland’s first Fit & Fab, ‘90s Zumba Edition prior to meeting Green and officially contributing as an AFRO reporter.