After serving as a major tourist hotspot and helping in the redevelopment of the Clarksdale, Miss. community, Madidi, the upscale restaurant owned by actor Morgan Freeman, will soon close its doors.

According to the Associated Press, Freeman’s partner, attorney Bill Luckett said that their Madidi Restaurant is scheduled to host a closing party on March 7.

Opening its doors in 2001, Madidi has offered “Americanized French” cuisine for over a decade. Luckett said the establishment was a premier hotspot for the city’s downtown area.

“The restaurant has never made money,” Luckett told the AP. “It was never about the money to us. Success is not always measured in financial gains…There is a satisfaction in helping your community and exposing people to something they haven’t been exposed to.

“We set out to offer an experience,” Luckett added. “Thanks to Morgan, and to me, to a lesser degree, we had the capital to do that.”

Luckett explained that Madidi and the Ground Zero Blues Club that he and Freeman opened helped revitalize Clarksdale and spurred the development of new businesses in the area.

Locals hope the restaurant’s closure doesn’t stop tourists from visiting the town.

“There isn’t a day in the year that we don’t have people from all over the world piling into Clarksdale,” local resident Billy Howell told ABC News’ Memphis affiliate WPTY-TV. Madidi and Ground Zero both were huge draws and catalysts for getting Clarksdale back on the map.”