The Morgan State University Board of Regents decided to renew President David Wilson’s contract for one year, three weeks after announcing his existing three year contract would not be renewed at its expiration in June, 2013.

The announcement came after a more than two hour closed session in which Wilson met with the board following an open meeting with the Morgan community.

“I feel great about it because we needed to move forward,” U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, a board member, said to the AFRO. “Based on the 8 to 7 vote, we clearly had a divided board.”

Cummings said that along with the renewal, there will also be new “evaluation tools” set in place to better gauge “progress, measure transparency, and at the same time put some responsibility on the board to work with the president.” Cummings also clarified the Dec. 4 decision.

“A lot of this was based on communication. It wasn’t that he had done anything bad; it’s just that a lot of things weren’t being communicated properly. I think all of us have a responsibility in that.”

Wilson said he took full responsibility for his actions that led to the board’s decision to not renew.

“In order for the university to operate in ship shape manner it requires the president and the board to be on the same page,” said Wilson, speaking to those who remained for a shorter, second open session that concluded just after 4 p.m.

Wilson said it is the duty of the president to “take responsibility for ensuring there is appropriate communication and dialogue and relationship building in that process.

“I have not done as effective a job as I should have done in ensuring that the board is fully informed about where we are at Morgan and where we are taking the institution,” he said.

“I own up to that, and certainly will see it as my charge, going forward, to ensure that there is no miscommunication between myself, as president of the institution, and our board of regents.”

Before closing the day’s activities Board Chairman Dallas R. Evans said “What’s important is that we put this institution first and those that we serve,” adding that the board is anticipating a “healing process.”

Alexis Taylor

AFRO Staff Writer