The work of Morgan State University students and faculty was on display this weekend at Baltimore’s Artscape—the largest free arts festival in the United States.


Instructor Brian Stansbury and students from Morgan’s School of Architecture and Planning designed and built the “Space Place” exhibit, which reflected the festival’s 2016 theme of “Space: Explore What’s Out There.”

“With pop culture’s fascination with all things intergalactic, this theme provides attendees an exciting level of both entertainment and education,” the Artscape website said about this year’s theme. “Using the tagline of ‘Explore What’s Out There, festival-goers launch off into a truly out of this world experience as the space theme is incorporated throughout the festival’s visual and performing arts programming.”

Space Place, located near the intersection of Charles and Preston streets, anchored a giant, 1.5-mile long model solar system with which festival attendees could interact.  The Morgan students created inflatable planets, each ranging in size from 5 feet to 30 feet in diameter, and created environments that mimic conditions on those celestial bodies.

Special lighting illuminated the large orbs from within, providing an especially visual feast at night, while a live DJ provided a soundtrack for the experience.

Arrtscape attracts more than 350,000 attendees over three days to Baltimore’s midtown arts district. More than 150 fine artists, craftspeople, sculptors, fashion designers and performing artists exhibit their work at the annual extravaganza.


Zenitha Prince

Special to the AFRO