Instead of taking a trip, Em Hunt celebrated her daughter Harmony’s ninth birthday by opening up a bath bomb and accessory business, Harm’s Charms.

By Megan Sayles, AFRO Business Writer,
Report for America Corps Member,

Single mother Em Hunt was void of self-confidence and hope until she found out she was pregnant with her daughter. 

At the time, Hunt was 22. She didn’t have a job, her car was repossessed and she was dealing with a granuloma tumor in her mouth. She didn’t have the support of her unborn child’s father and to put it mildly: times were rough. 

Knowing she would have to provide for her daughter on her own, Hunt came up with a plan. 

When she gave birth to Harmony, she quickly pinned down a stable job. She worked in human resources for a few years. Then, six-year-old Harmony told her mother she wanted to open her own business. 

Unfortunately, Hunt didn’t have any extra money to put toward launching a business, but she didn’t overlook her daughter’s goal of entrepreneurship. 

Before Harmony’s ninth birthday, Hunt decided that instead of using the money she saved to take her daughter on a trip, she would invest the dollars into Harmony’ first business venture. 

On Sept. 30, the mother-daughter duo launched Harm’s Charms, an online store for bath bombs, soaps, accessories and lipglosses, just five days after Harmony’s birthday. 

Instead of taking a trip, Em Hunt celebrated her daughter Harmony’s ninth birthday by opening up a bath bomb and accessory business, Harm’s Charms.

“I remember promising my daughter at four weeks old, sitting in my mom’s house in my room, and saying ‘I promise to get you your own bedroom,’” said Hunt. “I just felt like a bad person because I brought her here with nothing. Now, I’m just thankful, and I know that with God and our supporters by our side, our business is going to grow larger, and we’re going to help people along the way.” 

Two months into launching Harm’s Charms, she has already secured partnerships with Outback in Owings Mills, Md. and Nordstrom Rack in Washington, D.C. to sell their products on the weekend. 

The online store has also forged collaborations with KC Beauty and Beauty Outlet in Baltimore County. 

All of Harm’s Charms products are vegan-friendly, and its best-sellers are the donut-shaped Yum Yum Bath Bombs and adjustable bangle bracelets, although Harmony’s favorite is their Cuppy Bath Bomb. Harm’s Charms also recently added a mahogany teakwood beard oil to its product line. 

The next goal for Harmony and her mother is to team up with a charity. Hunt said she would love to give back with nonprofits in Africa that assist young people, as well as support some Baltimore area homeless shelters.

“I dream about the business. I wake up thinking about the business, and to have Harmony involved is such a blessing because just nine years ago, I was lost and just felt hopeless,” said Hunt. “I just hope to encourage other young people and single moms out there.”

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