Motor House announced its Digital Artists Portfolio (DAP) program that will serve as a hub for Baltimore’s rising artists. This class features Music producer/musician Henny Lee, left, dancer Theodore Alexander, top right, and trombonist/dancer Chy. (Courtesy photos)

BALTIMORE, MD– Motor House has moved forward in supporting the next generation of innovation with its new class of its Digital Artists Portfolio (DAP) program. DAP is an incubator for local Baltimore artists to develop, connect and get support from the arts hub to advance artistry. For this class, Motor House has chosen music producer/musician Henny Lee, trombonist/dancer Chy and dancer Theodore Alexander. Each one of these artists bring their unique style and interpretation to their respected art. 

Since starting last year, DAP has already shown support for artists from various fields including fashion and apparel design, music, culinary, and visual arts. The program continues to be an opportunity for local artists to be seen and heard. 

When asked about being chosen for the program, local musician and producer Henny Lee said “it’s been exciting for me to have this kind of support as a solo artist.” Lee has played in a band and has released his first solo EP last year,. The exhibition will be an opportunity for artists and music lovers to hear the innovative, electronic sounds of Henny Lee. 

As Lee continues to grow as a musician, this latest opportunity at Motor House has helped Henny to sharpen his focus and realize his dream. “For a while, I didn’t think about where I wanted to take my music or really know what I could do with it. But recently that has changed. Now, especially since I’m apart of the DAP program, I’m more focused on making sure that as many people possible hear my music.” Motor House will be airing Henny Lee’s DAP Exhibition this Saturday, April 3rd on Motor House IGTV. 

Motor House is a creative crossroads rooted in the culture of Baltimore. We’re a non-profit arts hub, gallery, and performance space that encourages new visions, bold experiments, and emerging voices to celebrate the artistry of our city.

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