By Joshua Moore
Special to the AFRO

President David Wilson and members of his leadership team addressed safety protocols regarding COVID-19 to Morgan State University students in a virtual town hall meeting.

Lesia Crumpton-Young, provost and senior vice president of Academic Affairs, addressed classroom conduct and how classes will be regulated. 

There will be a mix of hybrid classes and web-only classes this fall for students. Unlike typical 30-student classrooms, there will be up to 10 students in face-to-face settings to ensure social distancing in classrooms. 

Students have the choice to participate purely remotely, or be a part of a group that can attend physical class once a week and remotely learn for the rest of the week, said officials.

Alexis Durham, a junior multimedia journalism major from Rising Sun, Md., thinks the protocols discussed during the town hall meeting will be effective to an extent. (Courtesy Instagram via @la.la_lexx/@sage_artworks)

Young emphasized the necessity for these changes in classroom protocol: 

“We have to keep you safe, your classmates safe, and faculty safe.”

Kevin Banks, vice president of Student Affairs, addressed campus safety and the changes in social interactions. He stressed the importance of wearing masks at all times while on campus in order to mitigate the spread of the virus: “Students need to hold each other accountable.” 

Dining halls and gatherings of students will be limited as well. Banks discussed potential avenues of getting food to students that included grab-and-go meals, mobile ordering and scheduled times to eat. 

There will be an on-campus housing occupancy reduction by 31 percent, Banks explained. 

Along with these new protocols, there will also be temperature screenings upon entering buildings, and the refusal to allow persons into buildings if they are not wearing face masks. 

Homecoming and fall varsity sports were canceled, and other major events held on campus.  

“I think the protocols will be effective to a certain extent,” said Alexis Durham, a junior multimedia journalism major from Rising Sun, Maryland. “They had a lot of good rules and regulations for when we come back.” 

However, Durham added, “We have a lot of freshmen coming in. They’re not going to experience their first homecoming or a lot of activities.”  

“I’m upset. There’s not going to be a fall show,” said Brianna Morrison, a theater major from Baltimore. “I’m not going to have a face-to-face orientation.”

While the pandemic conditions are new and difficult for students, faculty and support staff, President Wilson kept his head and told the Morgan student body in the words of Kendrick Lamar, “We Gon’ Be Alright.” 

Joshua Moore is a student in the School of Global Journalism and Communication.