Disgruntled New York City resident Jimmy McMillan stole the show at a debate for the state’s gubernatorial candidates on Oct. 18 as he introduced himself and his self-created political “Rent is Too Damn High” party to the public.

“This is politics as usual. Playing the silly game is not going to happen,” McMillan said during the debate. “In the Rent is Too Damn High movement, the people I’m here to represent can’t even afford to pay their rent.”

“They can’t eat breakfast, lunch and dinner,” he continued.
“Listen…someone’s child’s stomach just growled. Did you hear it? You’ve got to listen like me.”

The debate was expected to be a showcase of the top two candidates in the race, favored Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino. However, McMillan garnered more attention with his boisterous message, which came off as comical at times.

“As a karate expert, I will not talk about anyone up here,” he said. “Our children can’t afford to go anywhere. Nowhere. There’s nowhere to go. Once again, why? You said it: The Rent is Too Damn High.”

However, once vetted, it turns out that McMillan is actually not a victim of the misfortune that has other Rent is Too Damn High group. According to several media outlets, McMillan doesn’t pay rent and hasn’t paid any since the 1980’s. McMillan lives rent-free in exchange for providing maintenance for his building.

When approached about this, the Vietnam War vet and retired postal worker dismissed the reports as skirting the real issue.

“It’s not about my rent. It’s not about me,” he told The New York Post. “What about the children’s future? Where will they stay?”

McMillan has also had to defend himself against claims of being anti-Semitic after he made comments that Hasidic Jews were getting favorable treatment for housing vouchers.

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