Father and son, Melvin G. Williams Sr. and Melvin G. Williams Jr., come together to share their experiences in leadership from over 60 years of service as high-achieving members in the United States Navy. In Navigating the Seven Seas, the duo explains how they implemented what they refer to as the “Seven C’s” of leadership to climb the ranks of the military. Each chapter highlights a trait that the Williams view as characteristic of a leader.

“The wisdom and knowledge they have gained serving our U.S Navy is unsurpassed. Both men have led by example and have enhanced the lives of others along the way. I recommend this book and their ‘Seven Cs’ principles of leadership to anyone seeking a life of challenge, leadership, and commitment,” said Byron Marchan, president and CEO, Naval Academy Foundation.

Master Chief Melvin G Williams Sr.,(Ret.) served 27 years in the US Navy in submarines, aircraft carriers and surface ships. He has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal and six Good Conduct Medals, along with many others.

Vice Adm, Melvin G.Williams Jr.(Ret.) is a 1978 graduate of the US Naval Academy and served 32 years in the Navy, in submarines ,fleet ,and joint assignments. He has many military and civic awards for service and leadership.