By Perry Green, AFRO Sports Editor

NBA star Donovan Mitchell recently claimed his mother was a victim of racism within her own home community.

Mitchell, runner-up for NBA Rookie of the Year this season, had posted a long note from his Twitter account Saturday, explaining how his mom, Nicole, was allegedly a victim of racial profiling while taking out the trash in her apartment complex.

The Mitchell Family (Courtesy Photo/Instagram @spidadmitchell)

“Some apparent guy at my moms apartment building saw her dumping the garbage out and proceeded to yell at her saying, ‘this is private property… if you dump your garbage here again, you’ll regret it,’” Mitchell wrote.  “Then when he found out it was my mom, he started to apologize. I hope this tweet finds you, low life.”

“It’s disgusting how someone can assume that a person doesn’t belong in a certain community where they’ve been living for years just because of their race then realize there son is a big fan and switch up and try to be all friendly,” Mitchell continued. “I hope people find out the type of person you actually are…. STAY WOKE!”

Mitchell later deleted the note from his Twitter account, but by then it had already been screenshot.

Mitchell’s claim is just the latest instance of racial profiling relating to NBA players. Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown is currently suing Milwaukee police after used unnecessarily force to arrest him over a minor parking violation.

Former Atlanta Hawks guard Thabo Sefolosha earned a $4 million settlement from New York Police after police broke his leg from unnecessary force outside of a nightclub.


Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor