To some the spring season signifies the start of new things. Flowers are in bloom and love is definitely in the air. But whether it be striking up a new romance or simply rekindling an old flame, those looking for love often need help navigating the dating scene.

District-area bloggers Lillian Prince and Lanre Ashiru, both 27, have created the perfect forum to air out all the confusion surrounding dating, sex, and relationships with The site, which aims to determine whether men and women share more commonalities than differences, takes a “Venus versus Mars” stance with dashes of humor. The blog also allows readers to raise questions that are answered by the bloggers and other readers as well.

“Just as friends do, we would discuss different things about relationships. We would always have opposing views,” said Prince, founder of the blog. “We truly represent the average, everyday working male and female within our age range.”

The blog stemmed from conversations Ashiru, an IT specialist and Towson University alum, and Prince, an editor and Morgan State graduate, would have about relationships while in college. They joined forces to publicly explore dating and relationships with a lighthearted forum.

Although they don’t claim to be experts, Prince and Ashiru offer raw and honest responses to their readers’ questions. Describing themselves as charismatic writers, the blog offers humorous and insightful posts about relationships like “Top 10 Pet Peeves,” while readers can submit their own horrific dating experiences in the “Disaster Date” section.

The site, which was featured on Mindstream Radio, has garnered positive reactions from its readers and received over 20,000 hits since its launch in February.

“From our peers it’s been nothing but praise,” said Ashiru. He attributed the blog’s success to its humorous, no-holds-barred approach to relationships and their myriad complexities. “This is not a site where you are going to get statistics and these Dr. Phil facts,” said Ashiru. “We hit you with a comedic twist.”

While the site’s target audience is D.C.-area professionals in their late 20s and early 30s, the duo have snagged the attention of Web surfers well into their 40s and others living outside of the metropolitan region.

The blog proves their approach could be universal and continues to create waves among daters in the DMV area.

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Courtney Bonaparte

Special to the AFRO