The Museum on opening night. (Twitter Photo)

The Museum isn’t your typical art gallery. After launching on April. 8, many young D.C. residents are already showing up at this creative space.

Greg Harrison, general manager, said The Museum is an attempt to influence young leaders in the world of fashion and art through his eyes.

“I expected more,” said Harrison. “I’m an extremist.”

Before Harrison became an owner of his own art gallery, he was heavily involved in the music industry. In 2008 he owned a “multifaceted marketing and managing company” which helped build brands for their clients involved in music, entertainment, sports management and more.

As a proud native of D.C., he has worked with music artists who have taken their talents outside of the district (respectfully) while working with Wale and Northeast rapper, Fat Trel.

Growing up in Southeast, D.C., Harrison saw his city rapidly changing for the better and worse, but knew in order for him to continue to see his city grow in a positive direction, it would start with working with other inspirational artists who shared his passion.

Even though the fashion and art gallery carries an un-Googleable name, it is far from an actual museum. Harrison focuses on the “root” word of museum, “muse.” He wants his shop to become “a source of inspiration” for other artists to follow. “We wanted to display artwork from the old D.C. culture,” said Harrison.

Thus far, The Museum has hosted an array of pop up shops, a fashion show collaboration with Reebok, a book signing with Karen Civil, author of “Be You & Live Civil,” and listening parties.

Located in Northeast, D.C., The Museum is surrounded by a small market strip that serves more nutritional meals than your average fast food carryout most may run into while in D.C. “This looks like Fairfax District in L.A. to me, so to me this is going to be Fairfax,” said Harrison. “I want to have that coffee shop feel. This is a more family and more neighborhood feel…it’s like that pure culture.”

Inside the art space the feel of the energy of urban culture and a modern lifestyle is everywhere. From graffiti that says, “The Museum” to an exclusive sneaker collection displayed as art to hand crafted chairs and a sofa blocked off by a gated rope, because it is not art but furniture for sale for between $2400 and $7500.

Further inside the building there are canvas paintings, a station for people to curate posts on social media, figurines, sneakers, and clothing and accessories from well-known designer labels like Ceast and Desist, Billionaire Boys Club and Publish.

Harrison collaborates with many brands by hosting pop up shops before selling any of the designer’s merchandise at The Museum. “When we do pop up shops that’s how we introduce new brands,” said Harrison. The Museum even has their own private label that is sold in the store, like their original Southeast hoodies, called “S.E” as well as designer fitted baseball caps.

As for how the art displayed is picked, “For the most part we’ve been getting artists who’ve been organically hitting us up,” said Harrison.

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