Whether you’re listening to “Lady Of My Life” on a night drive home or “PYT” at family cookout with an older relative who’s complaining about “these kids today”, Michael Jackson and the black community have long had a close relationship.

The world saw his transition into stardom from the early days of the Jackson Five to his final days before dying in 2009, with countless jams comforting our ears through radios and speaker systems for decades. It’s safe to say that in the Hall-of-Fame of Black culture, his name will forever be hung in the stadium for what he’s done in the music industry.

And yet, there’s that last decade of Jackson’s life that we don’t want to really talk about. Sure his music was great, but Michael was changing in front of our eyes. The person who produced one of the most innovative music videos of all time (“Thriller”) would soon change his look and eventually face a court case that completely changed the world’s perception of this pop star.

With this in mind, it would be a little “off” to make a biopic about Michael Jackson’s journey during his most tumultuous period in life. Unfortunately, cable channel Lifetime has stepped up to make the Jackson TV biopic that no one asked for “Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland,” which will premiere on May 29.

The film is based off of the book {Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days}, a memoir of the singer’s last years of life through the eyes of his personal bodyguards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard (portrayed by Sam Adegoke and former “The Walking Dead” actor Chad L. Coleman). Lifetime released a teaser trailer of the film last week, and received everything but critical acclaim.

From the very beginning it’s obvious that the film covers a troubled time during Jackson’s life. However, fifteen seconds into this creepy trailer, you see a gloomy Michael Jackson, portrayed by real life Jackson impersonator Navi, in a series of clips that shows him with mostly with….children? It’s cringeworthy to say the least, and when this trailer dropped last week, the online community moved swiftly to bag on the TV film.

“That looks like a series of bad decisions” – Denise Clay

“One word: Lifetime #NoThanks” – Candace Avent Montague

“From the same folks who brought us that horrible Aaliyah movie…enough said.” -Diane M. Hawkins

A promotional still from ‘Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland.’

“Searching For Neverland” isn’t the first shady TV-production that Lifetime has made. The television network has had a recent reputation for making controversial TV films that show celebrities’ lives in a different light. Many think of the film “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B” as one of Lifetime’s most recognized films because not only did it receive attention after being unauthorized by close family and friends to the deceased singer, but the tweets and memes that were posted on social media solidified how much of a train wreck it was.

Many would think that after releasing a critically-panned film, the network would shy away from doing this again. Nope. The following year Lifetime doubled down with films like “Britney Ever After” (about pop singer Britney Spears) and “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge, and Michel’le,” (about rapper Dr. Dre, record mogul Suge Knight and rapper Michel’le) confirming that even with the negative response, they will continue to make these films because people talk about them and watch them.

That this film is releasing on Memorial Day weekend only makes this week full of promotions and commercial for the film even more unappealing. There’s already predictions that “Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland” will not live up to the hype, let alone at least mentioning the better days he had during his final years.

“Searching For Neverland” will most likely be a film that gets the high ratings and funny memes, but it continues to be another decision to move forward with a situation that the Black community isn’t here for. Michael Jackson, like Aaliyah…..and Michele’le, is a considered a cultural figure to multiple generations of African Americans, but with these films being pushed out by Lifetime it seems like this won’t be the end of their work. So when this movie drops on the May 29th, expect to see anger, frustration, and new memes show up on your timeline.