For one hour each week, Black men and women battle it out over the issues of the day on a unique talk show that is changing the voice of satellite radio.

“He Said She Said,” a true battle of the sexes, is one of the premier programs on the fledgling satellite radio station, HUR Voices, a subsidiary of Howard University’s broadcast network found on Sirius XM Channel 141. The show airs Mondays at 1 p.m. with rebroadcasts on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The program’s executive producer, Austin Weatherington told the AFRO that the show is important because it is a platform for middle-age Black Americans and their issues.

“It’s unique because people can come and hear what they are going through,” he said.

Weatherington added that listeners will hear those issues addressed from male and female perspectives. “It was about making sure we cover both sides of the conversation,” he said.

The show’s co-hosts, veteran radio newswoman Renee Nash and Jeff “The Coach” Wims were the perfect choices, Weatherington said.

“Coach and Renee are employed here so it was really inspired by their arguments—which everyone usually gets drawn into—and I thought, ‘Hey, this is really entertaining,” said the executive producer.

So far the topics have run the gamut from marriage and recession, parenting styles, to who “wears the pants” in the home. Guests have included local and national newsmakers and experts such as Lamar Tyler, filmmaker and popular blogger of, and Carl and Kenya Stephens, creators of and advocates of “open marriages.”

Wims recalled about the show on open marriages, “…For most people that may be a pretty stuffy, judgmental conversation; but I never laughed so much in my life! I think that speaks volumes for the tone of our show.”

“This show is dedicated to all those people with issues that never really get touched upon,” Nash said in a statement. “Whether it be issues in your marriage, issues at your job, or just plain old issues with yourself, we strive to bring those things that people are really going through to the air.”
Weatherington said the public’s response has been great so far, “ we’re still building the buzz.”

Currently the show is taped, but he said they hope to be live within three to four months. And he has other high hopes.

“My ultimate vision for this show is to be the premier location on XM Radio for African-American life and relationship talk,” Weatherington said. “I want to be that show where you can turn on and hear exactly what you want to hear.”

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Zenitha Prince

Special to the AFRO