Viewers of A Love Supreme, a stage play written by Hope Lynne Price-Lindsay, will relate and gain insight on love’s emotional ups and downs. The play features an all-female cast and explores the inner thoughts of four women and their encounters with love.

“I think that every so often, we hide our feelings and we don’t express what we’re feeling and is kind of exposing what we secretly feel,” Price-Lindsay said. “It’s more about the role that love plays in our lives and all the many different faces that it wears. It’s not so much about a man and a woman, but we’re hearing straight from the women about how men have affected they’re lives.”?Set in St. Louis, Mo., the play opens one day after a mother of four’s funeral. As her daughters gather at her home to pack her belongings, they discover a collection of love letters from a man their mother left behind. Thereafter, each daughter opens up about their deepest joys, hurts and disappointments in love.

While the play examines love from a female perspective, Price-Lindsay — also an accomplished poet, adult fiction and poetry author—believes it offers men a special opportunity to glimpse into women’s most personal conversations.

“The whole play centers the kitchen table and when women gather around it, it becomes an altar in which they lay their deepest concerns,” Price-Lindsay said. “With men not usually allowed to be in the room or allowed to partake in these sacred rituals, they can be the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ and gain some insight on what women need and desire.”

A staged reading of “A Love Supreme” will debut on May 22 at the Bonifant Theatre Space in Silver Spring, Md. For more information, visit


Gregory Dale

AFRO News Editor