Brooklyn seventh-grader Grace Moore made history as the New York City Philharmonic Orchestra’s youngest composer. (Courtesy of Black News)


Grace Moore, a 12-year old girl from New York, has made history as one of the youngest composers to join the New York City Philharmonic Orchestra.

Moore, who is a seventh-grade student at Poly Prep in Dyker Heights, is also enrolled in the organization’s Very Young Composers program. There, participants from the age of eight are taught to create music.

The composition that Moore created for the program made a world premiere in a live performance by the NY Philharmonic in October.

Moore, who started showing her passion for music at the age of two when her mother gave her a piano, has showcased extraordinary talent.

Moreover, she hopes that as a woman of color, she can inspire others to create and appreciate music.

“I hope everyone follows their hobbies and does what they love,” Moore said.