DJ Mister Cee of New York’s radio station Hot 97 pleaded guilty June 1 to charges relating to his arrest for allegedly being engaged in a sexual act with another man in public. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office confirmed the information to RapFix, a MTV hip-hop blog.

Born as Calvin Leburn, Mister Cee was arrested at 4 a.m. on March 30 for public lewdness and exposure, according to the police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, a blog owned by Time Warner Inc. Officer Lindsay Agard found 20-year-old Lawrence Campbell in a car allegedly performing fellatio on the DJ. Cee. Cee was initially charged with public lewdness, but he pleaded guilty to the loitering charge, RapFix reports.

In a male dominated hip-hop community with often misogynistic and homosexual-bashing lyrics, the revelation stunned fans. But rap stars such as 50 Cent, told the public to focus on the DJ’s legend in the industry. In an interview with Hot 97, the New York rapper said the news has been relevant due to Cee’s mark in the hip-hop community.

“It’s only entertaining because he means that much to hip-hop culture and his association to it,” 50 said to Hot 97’s radio personality Miss Info. “I recognize Mister Cee as the guy who offered us Biggie, so he means that much to the culture. And a lot of the kids that hear the radio don’t see him the same way.” Mister Cee entered the hip-hop scene as Big Daddy Kane’s DJ.

He responded to public reports and criticism of the case by tweeting under the name Real_MisterCee:

“Some people worry about me more then they own damn kids SMH.. You so motivated to #Hate why not get that motivated to make ur Kids better.” He later tweeted, “Still cashing checks! My life is good how’s yours? Keep my name ringing out…