A New York lawmaker has created his own campaign against the low-slung pants popular with many teenagers and young adults, according to The Associated Press.

Last week, two billboards were erected in Brooklyn showing two mean sporting jeans so low, their underwear were visible. The billboards, funded by state Sen. Eric Adams, urged the community to “Stop the Sag.”

“We see this insidious spectacle among some of our young people whenever they walk down the street with their pants sagging. This is not a fashion trend. It is unkempt and unnecessary,” Adams said in a video posting on his Web site. “…Our young people should not promote it. They should have too much pride in our purpose.”

Adams is among a series of politicians who have publicly decried sagging pants since the 1990s when the trend became popular among urban music icons. Both entertainer Bill Cosby and President Barack Obama spoke out about the style, with the nation’s leader saying, “Some people might want to see your underwear; I’m not one of them,” in an interview with MTV News.