By Perry Green, AFRO Sports

Oakland Raiders cornerback Gareon Conley is suing a woman who accused him of rape last year to recover a “fortune” that he claims she cost him.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Conley said the woman is liable for “malicious criminal prosecution” and has filed a lawsuit against her, claiming that she not only seriously damaged his reputation, but also caused him to fall further in the NFL Draft, costing him millions in contract negotiations. Conley also claimed the rape allegations cost him an endorsement deal with Nike.!article/2018/07/05/gareon-conley-rape-lawsuit-nike-raiders/

Gareon Conley is suing a woman who he says falsely accused him of rape. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

A former star cornerback for Ohio State University, Conley, 23, was one of the top rated defensive-back prospects in the 2017 NFL Draft, but reports of Conley being investigated for rape surfaced just weeks before the draft. The woman claimed Conley sexually assaulted her at a Cleveland hotel and official charges were filed last year by the Cleveland Police Department. But Conley said the woman was lying and that she only accused him of rape because he turned down her aggressive advances to have sex.

According to reports, the woman was caught lying about several occurrences on the night in question – she claimed she met Conley on the elevator of the hotel, but video footage showed her partying with the football player earlier that night at a bar. Conley said there was consensual oral sex performed later that night, but no vaginal intercourse occurred.!article/2017/07/31/gareon-conley-rape-case-going-to-grand-jury/

A grand jury ultimately decided not to indict Conley and the young cornerback was still drafted in the first round of the ‘17 Draft.


Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor