New York Jets star Darrelle Revis said he is prepared to “change the game” by sitting out the entire 2010 season if he doesn’t receive the long-term deal he believes he’s worth.

The four-year veteran would lose a year of free agency eligibility if he does holdout this season, but that’s a risk he appears willing to take in order to get the money he feels he deserves.

The 25-year-old Pennsylvania native considered by most critics to be the best cornerback in the league is slated to make approximately $1 million this season on his current deal, nearly $15 million less than Oakland’s Nnamdi Asomugha will earn as the highest paid cornerback in the NFL.

According to ESPN, Revis is interested in signing a long term deal with the Jets that could stretch out over the next decade, but wants a salary that tops Asomugha’s deal before he’ll sign. But Jets representatives told reporters they’re nowhere close to reaching any deal yet.

“Right now, we can’t find something that makes sense for both sides,” Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum told The New York Daily News. “So we really have no progress…We still have a very fundamental difference on what the appropriate compensation should be. Until we get that solved, there’s really not much to discuss.”

Star players occasionally hold out for a more favorable contract, but usually reach an agreement before the season starts in early September. But Jets owner Woody Johnson admitted to the media that he doesn’t see Revis and the team reaching a contract.

When asked during ESPN’s “E: 60” TV program interview if he thought Revis would play for the Jets this season, Johnson said: “My gut feeling is, I would say no.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters he has to focus on preparing his team with or without Revis on the roster, but also expressed how well he would be received if he did return in time to play.

“We’ve got to prepare like he’s not going to be here,” Ryan said during a press conference. “But if he comes walking through the door, that’s fine. Somebody will kiss him on the lips probably.”