By Kristi Love, Special to the AFRO

After traveling the nation and experiencing different musical cultures, a local restaurant owner decided to incorporate several homegrown styles of Prince George’s County, Md. into his establishment.

County residents enjoy a night of Go-Go music at Nipsey’s in Upper Marlboro, Md. (Photo by Lonnie Moses)

County residents enjoy a night of Go-Go music at Nipsey’s in Upper Marlboro, Md. (Photo by Lonnie Moses)

Nipsey’s Restaurant and Grill, based in Upper Marlboro, Md., was named after the bar from popular 1990’s TV sitcom Martin. Nipsey’s was formally known as The Zone. Go-Go music and R&B/Neo Soul, which is popular in the county’s music scene, is featured at the restaurant with bands such as Junkyard Band playing on Fridays and Let it Flow the Band playing every first Saturday of the month.

“I owe a place they can go to in their community,” Lonnie Moses, owner and manager, told the AFRO.

The restaurant further emphasizes the county’s culture by holding a poetry night every second Wednesday of the month. The night brings in one of the largest crowds to the establishment, located at 5753 Crain Hwy. According to county resident Eleese Bohannon-Scott, the energy and positive vibes keep her coming back because the atmosphere of the restaurant makes her feel comfortable. Customers are able to listen to spoken word artists while enjoying the spacious venue, food, and drinks.

On any given day customers may find Moses serving as waiter, bartender, or in the kitchen. “Customer service is a priority,” he said.

Nipsey’s is open Monday through Saturday for partygoers, families, and anyone looking to relax. The restaurant also offers lunch or dinner meetings for companies and an outside space for day parties.

As a retired Metropolitan Police Department officer, Moses said that safety in his restaurant is paramount. As a result, he hired professional trained staff to ensure the safety of all customers. “Without a doubt, my restaurant safety is a 10 on a scale from 1-10,” he said.