NEW YORK (AP) — Thanks to the female vote, Derek Jeter has tied Babe Ruth as the greatest Yankee of all time in a poll of New York City baseball fans.

The Captain and the Babe tied at 23 percent in a Quinnipiac (KWIHN’-ih-pee-ak) University poll of 785 baseball fans. The poll was taken July 19-25, about two weeks after Jeter homered for his 3,000th hit.

The poll questioned 785 New Yorkers interested in baseball. Thirty percent of women picked Jeter, followed by Ruth at 16 percent. Men went for Ruth, 29 percent to 18 percent.

Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle finished third, fourth and fifth overall, although Alex Rodriguez finished fourth among women. Fans over 65 favored DiMaggio.

The margin of error for the greatest-Yankee question was 3.5 percentage points.