Few reality TV stars have crafted their own brand in the entertainment industry. But Omarosa, a former “Apprentice” star whose name has become synonymous with television villainy, is building a burgeoning empire with keen business acumen and her signature no-holds-barred tongue-lashings.
But the Howard University alum’s love life has suffered along the way.

After divorcing her husband in 2006, Omarosa, 36, continued a slew of appearances on reality TV hits like “The Surreal Life,” “Girls Behaving Badly” and “Fear Factor.” With each appearance, the mocha-hued starlet evolved into the diva America loved to hate.

Her newest stint, “Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger,” will highlight the Ohio-born celebrity’s journey to find an ideal mate among a bevy of bachelors from diverse backgrounds.

On the show, Omarosa, who authored her first book last year, will meet and challenge 12 successful bachelors through a series of physical and mental tests. These tests are designed to highlight their weaknesses, business acumen and ability to win Omarosa’s heart.

“Love is serious business, and I approached this challenge with the same determination with which I do everything in my life, which is why I brought in a team of experts and good friends to help me put these bachelors to the test,” said the budding entertainment mogul in a statement. “While it has been a much more emotional and dramatic experience than I ever expected, I look forward to making the ‘Ultimate Merger.’”

“Donald J. Trump’s The Ultimate Merger” premiers June 17 at 9 p.m. on TV One. For more information, visit tvoneonline.com.