Cameron Miles

On Jan. 18th I went to see the movie “Selma.”  It was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen.  In retrospect, it reminded me what a great and awesome people we are.  To have put up with so much persecution and continue to push on was incredible.  Dr. King, Andrew Young, the Honorable John Lewis and many others faced ridicule so that we today could have the right to vote and so much more speaks volumes.

Somehow all of us who believe in justice and freedom must do all we can to encourage every adult and every child from the 5th grade up to see this movie.  It should be a must for the school system, the jails, homeless shelters, churches, synagogues, mosques and temples.  We as a community have gotten away from loving one another and looking out for one another.  At a time when some police are brutalizing us, when many of us are killing one another senselessly, when many of our youth are more concerned with getting high, wearing their pants too low on their behinds, when too many of us are housed in juvenile detention centers, when too many are not striving for excellence and behaving in school, when too many of our potential future leaders spend the majority of their time listening to lyrics that are foul as well as dream killers, and on top of that are not knowledgeable about the struggle that took place during the King days and today’s struggles.

All of us must do more to save and communicate with this present generation.  If our youth are not better educated about the past, it may be repeated.  If our youth don’t learn the importance of a good work ethic, where will they work?  Many of our youth are doing good but too many are not doing good enough.  I have a dream that more of us will work with young people and help them to see their true worth and value.

Cameron E. Miles is the director of the Baltimore-based organization Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood.