This Valentine’s Day, many single ladies are finding solace in participating in “Galentine’s Day” with their friends. (By pixelheadphoto digitalskillet_Shutterstock)

By Sydni Demby
Special to the AFRO

Young adults are about to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends. Female college students are choosing to celebrate the eve of the holiday with their girlfriends, calling it Galentine’s Day.

Morgan State University student organization FUTURE hosted a virtual Galentine’s event that was filled with baking and decorating Valentine’s Day-themed treats.

Individuals who were in relationships opted out of being with their significant other the whole day. Shelby Piltcher, a business management major, said that she and her boyfriend spent the amorous holiday together for the past three years. 

“We go all out for Valentine’s. Dinner, gifts and a movie,” Piltcher said. 

Piltcher said that she loves celebrating the holiday with her boyfriend. This year however, she decided to celebrate with her friends. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but he can get annoying. At least with my friends, I can shove food in my mouth and not care about how I look.”

Courtney Solie, a criminal justice major, said she would rather spend the day with her friends: “One hundred percent with friends. With them it’s like a party.”

Solie also said “I know some couples feel pressured and stressed out to make the Valentine’s Day lovey dovey and cutesy.”

Female students wish to celebrate the holiday with their friends the same as couples. However, some restaurants and other companies make it difficult.

From couple discounts and offers, female friend groups feel left out of the holiday specials. “Companies over-advertise stuff for couples, but you never see stuff for friends or singles,” said Nia Lofton, a veterinary medicine major.

“Restaurants offer half-priced meals for couples but for other people who want to celebrate the holiday they can’t get it because they are not in a relationship. That’s not fair.” Lofton said.

Some local stores and restaurants are offering Valentine’s Day specials that are open for everyone. 

Maleigha Lewis, major undecided, said that her friend was going to eat out the whole day. “Our favorite hometown places are doing meals for twos so we’re doing that for breakfast through dinner,” Lewis said.

Lewis also said that her and her friends usually do a spa day and then go to the movies but, since many of the local businesses are doing specials, they decided to change it up this year.

“We’re all in relationships, but we wanted to spend the day together,” Lewis said. “It feels more special since we’re not being like everyone else.”

All of the Morgan women are from Enterprise, Ala..

Many see Valentine’s Day as a day solely dedicated to couples. Now in today’s society the holiday has expanded to be dedicated to couples as well as friends.

In the future, Galentine’s Day could become the new Valentine’s Day.

The writer is a student in the Morgan State University School of Global Journalism and Communication.