Nationwide ( — Math Moxie, a revolutionary online math program for Black boys in middle school and taught by Black male math teachers is set to launch Fall 2020.This year-long enrichment program is strategically designed to help meet the needs of Black male youth to escape the prevalence of underachievement in math, lower their rate of expulsions and placement in special education programs, and avoid the school-to-prison pipeline.

Developed by multicultural education specialist and award-winning instructional designer Stephanie Sasser, the goals of Math Moxie are to improve the childrens’ performance in school, boost their self-esteem, and reduce the overall dropout rate for Black boys across the country.

“Alarmingly, only 13% of Black boys are proficient in math when they leave the 8th grade, and only 59% go on to graduate from high school,” said Sasser. “With COVID-19 adding further barriers to education, the time to take action is now.”

Research shows that Black boys benefit greatly from having Black male teachers. Sadly, these teachers make up only 2% of the U.S. teaching workforce. Since Math Moxie is delivered online, the reach of these teachers is dramatically scaled up, enabling them to positively impact boys (and girls) who do not have access to Black male teachers in their schools.

Math Moxie also addresses the math curriculum needs of a growing number of Black parents electing to homeschool their children due to concerns about their children’s negative experiences in traditional school settings, and will help reduce the widening achievement gaps likely to be caused by school budget shortfalls caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How does it work? While the fee for Math Moxie is $19.99 per month per child, parents ultimately come out ahead financially thanks to our partnership with a national marketing incentives program. Each month that a child is enrolled, Math Moxie will provide their parent(s) with a $25 gift certificate, resulting in a $5.01 net gain every month. Although this program is geared toward Black boys, all children in grades 6-8 are welcome. High school students that need to revisit topics covered in middle school are also encouraged to participate.

To enroll your child, become a Math Moxie instructor, or to support the initiative, please visit or send an email to