Rep. Anthony Brown of Maryland’s 4th Congressional District. (Courtesy photo)

By Rep. Anthony Brown

House Armed Services Committee Vice Chair Anthony G. Brown (MD-04), a 30-year Army veteran, released the following statement regarding President Trump’s efforts to impose arbitrary deadlines to vote counting, which threaten to disenfranchise military personnel abroad:

“Every eligible American has the right to have their vote counted. President Trump and Republicans’ meritless insistence that vote counting stop on November 3rd threatens to disenfranchise thousands of voters, including our brave men and women in uniform. Denying service members overseas the right to choose their Commander-in-Chief is anti-democratic and disgraceful.

“Vote by mail has long been trusted among military personnel serving abroad—millions of whom have voted by mail for decades. When I served in Iraq in 2004, I was one of them. Ballots postmarked on election day coming from service members in Baghdad should count just the same as those coming from voters in Baltimore. To impose arbitrary cut-offs and deadlines for counting these legal ballots undermines our elections and the morale of those serving their country overseas.

“Our democracy should not be tied to the whims of cable news or a president who has made his intent to disenfranchise voters clear. Our service members sacrifice so much to defend this country and our values. To deny these men and women their right to have their vote counted breaks the sacred promise we make to all those who wear the uniform.”

Congressman Anthony Brown represents Maryland’s 4th Congressional District.


Anthony G. Brown

Lieutenant Governor